Join the Rescue Squad

Qualifications for ALL members of the Rescue Squad:

  1. All perspective members must make three (3) meetings expressing their interest in participating with the squad. These meetings must occur within a sixty (60) day period.
  2. All perspective members must submit an application prior to being voted on. These can be downloaded from below or received in person from a current member of the Squad.
  3. All members must meet the following percentage per category annually to continue membership:
    1. Meeting Attendance (50%)
    2. Training Attendance (50%)
    3. Fundraiser Attendance (25%)
    4. Mission Response (25%)
  4. All meetings are held the First and Third (1st and 3rd) Tuesdays of every month at the Squad Building. Meetings on the 1st Tuesday are generally considered business meetings. Meetings on the 3rd Tuesday are generally designated for training when the need arises.
  5. All applicants must be 18 years of age, pass a drug and background test, and must have a valid drivers license.