Services We Provide

The Bledsoe County Rescue Squad’s main focus is saving lives.  Members feel a calling to help out their community and volunteer their time. 

Through repeated proper training, our members are ready to act quickly and safely to remove the patient from danger.

Vehicle Extrication

Vehicle extrication is our number one responsibility. During a vehicle accident, a patient can become entrapped. We respond to remove the patient from entrapment.

Search and Rescue

Either by land or by water, we’ve trained to respond to many Search and Rescue scenarios. Lost in the woods or stuck in water from a flash flood, we will be there when you need us.

EMS Assistance

No one department can do it all. When called to assist other departments, we respond without hesitation. We help EMS to ensure both patients and responders perform in safe environments.

Traffic Control

When vehicles and obstacles block the flow of traffic, the scene can become dangerous for unsuspecting drivers. The need to direct and control the traffic becomes a necessity to keep the environment safe. We help direct this traffic and clear the obstacles.

Community Events

Our fundraisers serve two purposes. First, they allow the community to come together to have a good time. They also us to meet new neighbors and catch up with old ones. Plus fundraisers are just fun days to spend with family. Everyone is invited to Rescue Squad fundraisers and events.

 Secondly, fundraisers also allow the community the opportunity to give back to volunteers. The Rescue Squad uses donations to pay for new equipment, field training, and asset operating costs. Donations can also be given to any member of the Rescue Squad.


For over 40 years, the Bledsoe County Rescue Squad has been a part of the community. We are trained to save and we have a desire to serve. The Squad is a non-profit, all volunteer unit.  In addition, it is part of a statewide network and can be dispatched to any area of the state upon request.  We are the First Call agency to provide vehicle extrication and rescue, water rescue and recovery, and land search and rescue for Bledsoe County.  We provide assistance to Bledsoe County Emergency Management, City and County Fire Departments, and the Bledsoe County Ambulance Service in the event of additional manpower or other requested assistance…

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