Our History

Bledsoe County Rescue Squad is a non-profit, all volunteer unit. In addition, it is part of a statewide network and can be dispatched to any area of the state upon request. We are the First Call agency to provide vehicle extrication and rescue, water rescue and recovery, and land search and rescue for Bledsoe County. We provide assistance to Bledsoe County Emergency Management, City and County Fire Departments, and the Bledsoe County Ambulance Service in the event of additional manpower or other requested assistance.

The Bledsoe County Rescue Squad was formed in 1968. Shortly after a plane crash on Hinch Mountain, six Bledsoe County citizens banded together to form the Bledsoe County Rescue Squad: George Young, Tommy Young, Earl Curtis, Dion “Snake” Angel, Clifford Nail and Wallace Hixson. “There was a noticeable lack of manpower and training to carry out a rescue. We did not want to be in that type of situation again and not have the resources, manpower, and knowledge we needed to make a difference,” said charter member George Young.

The community was vital to the success of the Rescue Squad. The first vehicle used by the Bledsoe County Rescue Squad was a station wagon donated to the Squad by a local funeral home. The first equipment was also donated to the Rescue Squad by Dr. Morgan. The first ambulance service for Bledsoe County was operated by the Rescue Squad for several years with the donated equipment.

Over the last 40 years, the Bledsoe County Rescue Squad has grown. Averaging over 110 calls a year, the Bledsoe County Rescue Squad operates out of a 7,000 sq ft building and has three response units and a boat specifically for water rescue and recovery. “No member is paid for his or her time, training, or services provided while representing the Rescue Squad,” stated Squad Captain Vincent Boring. “All of our members give up their time and energy simply to help others in their time of need.”

The Bledsoe County Rescue Squad is comprised entirely of volunteers, currently with a roster of over 30 members. The Bledsoe County Rescue Squad has 2 paramedics, 2 EMT-IVs, and 1 EMT. A group of 10 members are currently completing a Medical First Responder Course. It was their goal in 2008 to also have certified Medical First Responder Units. In addition to medical providers they also have on their roster 10 Firefighters, 19 Rural Search & Rescue Technicians, 20 Vehicle Extrication Technicians, and 2 Dive Rescue Technicians.